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Eric H. Swansson


I was born in San Francisco on July 4, 1926, and I thought it was the greatest place, until I started dreaming of outer space.

Summers held some of my best memories. With my dad at the helm and I by his side, we sailed the beautiful, unpredictable seas. This was tradition until I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley.

At that time, my dreams came true - an electrical engineer I would be, working in the aerospace industry. I traveled the world and had a great life.

My two greatest blessings were my children and my first wife. I have no regrets for my life was truly blessed.

Eric Swansson died Sunday, Jan. 1. He is survived by one son, David Swansson, 53, of Bandera.

Condolences may be sent to the family by clicking on the "Send Condolences" link at

Funeral arrangements were entrusted to Grimes Funeral Chapels of Bandera.