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Teresa Smolen


Former Strzelce Opolskie Council President Teresa Smolen, 72, passed away Saturday, April 6.
An enthusiastic supporter of the Sister Partnership between Bandera and Strzelce Opolskie, Poland, Smolen served as president of the Strzelce Opolskie City Council from 2006 to 2010She was an instructor of the Polish language for many years, as well as an author.
In 2009, during the Bandera County Sister Partership Association (BCSPA) exchange delegation to Poland, Smolen was presented with a cowboy hat from Bandera. As an Honorary Texas Ranger, she also received a ranger badge. Smolen was very proud of all her honors - from Texas in general and Bandera, in particular.
Additionally, she was admired and respected by many in Bandera. Her service to the Strzelce Opolskie community and outstanding support for the Sister Partnership between communities in Poland and Texas helped spread peace and goodwill between the two countries.
"We pray for her soul."
The date of Smolen's funeral has not yet determined.