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AC liaison appointed

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

County Attorney John Payne announced on Friday, Jan. 20, that Bandera native Ashley Johnson, 22, had been appointed as the new community liaison for animal control issues.

A graduate of Bandera High School, Johnson earned a degree in animal science from Texas A&M University.

"Ms. Johnson expressed a desire to come back and live in this area and give back to her community," Payne said. "She wanted to work with the animals since that is her interest and expertise."

Payne said his office had received 10 to 12 applications for the position and had interviewed the four applicants whose resumes had indicated previous experience with animals.

"After a lot of thought and discussion, we finally offered the position to Ms. Johnson and feel we're lucky to have her onboard," Payne added.

With an expanded animal control facility set to for construction this year, Payne anticipated expanding the role and duties of community liaison.

The position was originally created in 2008 to be a direct link from the Bandera County Sheriff's Office Animal Control to the public. The liaison was conceived as a non-law enforcement person who citizens would contact about various types of animals issues - from barking dogs to a perceived unresponsiveness from law enforcement regarding animal problems. More than just a sympathetic ear, however, the liaison was authorized to take action on community complaints as much as allowed by state and local statutes.

In a future edition, the Bandera County Courier will publish a more in-depth profile of Johnson.

Currently, Deputy Rick Neely serves as BCSO senior animal control officer is, assisted by Deputy Stephen Anthony.

For dogs available for adoption at the Bandera County AC Facility on Highway 16 North.