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Hundley continues recovery

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2010, former Bandera ISD superintendent Charles Hundley was attacked outside his Dallas hotel. Hundley's vehicle was stolen and he was left with a fractured skull and bleeding in the brain, along with lacerations to his face.

Hundley's recovery has been slow but steady.

Bandera friends can access updates posted by his wife, Patty, and friends at the Care Pages website under the subject

Cards may be sent to:
Charles Hundley
Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation
Room 314
909 N. Washington
Dallas, TX 75246

In a recent update, Patty Hundley said, "Today was more difficult, despite the fact that he is definitely getting stronger. He has been more disoriented and the thought is that new meds or new infections may be to blame, so there is more testing, more changing of meds, etc. while we wait and pray!

"Each day, he can do more for himself in dressing and grooming. I leave the room when he begins to shave with a razor. He hates the electric razor and so he goes at the 'wet shave' with shaky hands and a determined look on his face. I don't watch! In Physical Therapy, the emphasis is on standing, which he still cannot do by himself. In Speech, he can solve puzzles and work math problems, but still has trouble knowing where he is at the moment or what the names of the therapists are.

"Some of you have asked about me. I am doing well after my ulcer bout... I try to get more rest and am constantly buoyed by the visits and contacts from you," Patty said.

The Hundleys worked for BISD in the 1970s, Charles as high school principal and then superintendent, and Patty as a high school English teacher.