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Jack-wagons hit Helping Hand

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Bandera County Helping Hand Director Jesse Parks found it hard to believe that some worthless miscreant attempted to break into the non-profit sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning, Jan. 16-17.

"We help so many people," Parks said. "If someone needs something they only have to come by during our regular office hours."

Parks arrived at work Tuesday morning to find that a scofflaw had apparently used a handy rock to smash one of the leaded glass windows in the front doors of the facility. The doorknob had also been beaten off.

"It's going to be expensive to fix this," said Parks, examining the shattered glass on the front porch.

The non-profit organization runs a thrift shop and food bank in the building and offers other services to individuals and families who are experiencing financial crisis.

"We helped over 1,800 people in Bandera County last year, and helped pay many electric bills," said Parks.

Repairing the criminal mischief will take valuable dollars away from needy families.

The response of law-abiding residents of Bandera upon hearing the report of the attempted break in was total disbelief. "Why would anyone break in to Helping Hand? They do so much for people!" said one.

If anyone has any information about the ne'r-do-well scumbag who committed this deed, please contact the Bandera County Sheriff's Office at 830-796-3771.

Pictured: Some thoughtless person or persons destroyed the beautiful leaded glass front doors of Helping Hand Monday night.