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Injured cyclist continues to show signs of slow progress

Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Jim Cody Chancey, 54, of Bandera, continues to cling to life at University Hospital following a major motorcycle accident that occurred Sunday, Jan. 1 on Wharton's Dock Road.

The massive effort to save Chancey eventually involved EMS, BCSO deputies, volunteer fire departments, DPS troopers and AirLife. The accident occurred at 5:56 pm on New Year's Day about a half mile from Rodeo Road in the 2000 block of Wharton's Dock Road.

According to DPS reports, Jim Cody Chancey, 54, of Bandera, over corrected on a curve, struck the gravel on the roadside, and lost control of his bike.

A landing zone for AirLife was set up on the Flying L Ranch. Chancey was transported by AirLife to University Hospital Trauma Center in San Antonio where he remained in critical condition Monday, Jan. 9.

Chancey's sister, Nancy Murphy, said her brother remained in a deep coma but was showing signs of improvement. He has opened his eyes and is responding to pain, she reported. CT scans and MRIs came back negative, indicating there was no head trauma. "They think that a lack of oxygen may have resulted in brain damage, but we'll just have to wait and see," she said.

Chancey also has three ribs and an ankle broken on his right side, along with a fractured disc in his back. "He had a bout with pneumonia last week, but antibiotics seem to be taking care of that," Murphey said. "We thank everyone for their prayers and ask them to continue praying. We just want to give him time to heal and breathe more on his own."

The family anticipates moving Chancey to a long-term care facility as soon as his condition improves enough to allow the move.