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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Tuesday, Jan. 3:
A Bandera Boyo was busted for misdemeanor criminal trespass.

A Lush from Lakehills - unable to hold his likker in public - saw the inside of a cell on account of it.

Wednesday, Jan. 4:
One felony and one misdemeanor charges later, a simpleton from San Antone found himself jailed for possession of a controlled substance as well as the paraphernalia with which to enjoy it.

Thursday, Jan. 5:
One would think that if one were in this country without benefit of the necessary legal papers, one would not indulge in Demon Rum and then attempt to drive. Because if one makes that kind of ill-starred decision, one might find oneself arrested for driving while intoxicated and possibly held for the INS, to boot - a conundrum in which a Pipe Creek resident recently found himself.

A Crackpot from Comfort, who ran afoul of The Law due to a misdemeanor warrant that may later revoke her probation, inexplicably remains confined to the county can.

A guileless innocent from San Antone, apparently seduced by the wicked ways of Bantucky, found herself a guest of the Gray Bar Inn for pot possession, as well as for being dogged by a misdemeanor warrant from a pesky "outside" agency.

Doesn't anyone tell these guys the rules when they get out of prison?

Apparently, a felon who shouldn't have been privy to a firearm was and now he's been remanded to the county calaboose on yet another felony charge for his faux pas.

Friday, Jan. 6:
The printing on the faxed copy of this week's arrest report was a little wonky, but it appears that this Bandera Blockhead was not only driving without a license but he also failed to stop after being involved some kind of accident that might have caused in excess of $200 damage. And, let's face it, folks, it you ding another car door with yours, it's gonna cost you more than that to have it fixed.

A 60-year-old Bandera boozer and a likkered-up dame from the Lake District half his age were both nabbed for being pie-eyed in public.
But, I don't think they fell off the same barstool.

A pugilistic person from Bandera was arrested for assault by contact; her opponent purportedly took it on the chin.

Sunday, Jan. 8:
It looks like there might have been a melee involving a trio of fine, upstanding Pipe Creeps. One made the police blotter for public intoxication and assault by contact; a second for mere assault by contact; while a third upped the ante to deadly contact. Luckily for them, however, their time spent in lockup was minimal.

Monday, Jan. 9:
Breaking News: Another resident of Pipe Creek was picked up for driving without a license.

Currently, 71 jailbirds call the County Quod "home sweet home" - 23 from Medina County, 15 from Gillespie County, five from Real County and a trio from Kimble County.

The rest under lock and key, we can safely assume, are from here - or were at least arrest here.