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Jeffery resigns as BCRAGD General Manager - board hires Mauk

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District General Manager David Jeffery submitted his resignation to the BCRAGD board of directors at the conclusion of the board's quarterly meeting held Thursday, Jan. 5. The resignation is effective Jan. 15.

Board members offered their thanks to Jeffery for his more than 10 years of service before voting to hire Assistant General Manager David Mauk to move into the vacated position.

Jeffery said he has been thinking about resigning for a long time and the time seemed right. "I hired David [Mauk] three years ago with the idea that he would be replacing me," said Jeffery. "I think I've taught him everything I know."

Mauk expressed his appreciation for the chance to work with Jeffery, who is known across the state by water experts for his knowledge of the geology regarding aquifers and the science of water matters.

Jeffery will not be disappearing from the staff of BCRAGD any time soon, however. He will continue as a part-time employee for awhile.

"I'll be doing the well logging, age dating, checking ground water contamination, all the science," he said. "I'll be doing the fun things now."

Jeffery led the BCRAGD through an often contentious re-writing of the water district's rules and regulations, oversaw the process of purchasing property and building new offices, and guided the district through a period of major legislative changes dealing with water issues.