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City of Bandera Official Gunfighters

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As their last official act of 2011, Bandera City Council unanimously designated the Bandera Cattle Company Gunfighters as the Official Gunfighters of the City of Bandera.

"This is a wonderful way to end the last meeting of the year and start off the New Year," said Mayor Pro Tem Maggie Schumacher, who presided over the Thursday, Dec. 15, meeting in the absence of Mayor Horst Pallaske.

Tom Neeley, who represented the gunfighters, noted the official appellation would hopefully attract new members to the group, as well as increase interest in the western history of the area.

Genie Strickland, event coordinator, noted that visitors always anticipate the group's realistic performances, which normally take place at 1 pm and 3 pm, Saturdays at the Western Heritage Park on Main Street.

"If the gunfighters are not performing for some reason, oh, my goodness, do I hear about it!" she said.

Members of the Bandera Cattle Company Gunfighters include, from left, Chuck Monsen, Dennis Allyn, Russell Tiner, Paul Isenheutt, Carol Neeley, Tommy Knotts, Neeley and Dan Caldwell.