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Sharp announces candidacy


My name is Scott Anthony Sharp. Since community leaders and citizens alike have urged me to continue my efforts in cleaning up this county, I am announcing my candidacy for Sheriff of Bandera County in the 2012 General Election.

The sole surviving son of a Texas veteran, who was killed in action, I was born April 19, 1967, in Temple, Texas, and moved to San Antonio in 1982. A 1986 graduate of MacArthur High School in San Antonio, I also hold an Associate's Degree in Psychology. After graduating with honor from the United States Air Force Police Academy, I was selected as Top Cadet at Western New Mexico University Police Academy. I hold a Master Peace Officer Certification from the State of Texas.

Unlike other candidates, since the beginning of my career in law enforcement I have not left the field to pursue other business interests. A resident of Pipe Creek, I am the proud parent of five children, ages nine to 23.

Nine years of my 17-year career were spent with the Bandera County Sheriff's Office until I was wrongfully terminated in 2009 for reporting corruption. During my tenure here I worked as a patrol sergeant supervising 13 employees and also served as a field training officer. After being promoted as head of the Criminal Investigations Division, successful prosecutions of crimes reached an all-time high as compared to years before and after my supervision, according to FBI statistics.

Other career highlights include being instrumental in taking down approximately 26 meth labs in an 18-month period and also the solving of a seven-year-old cold case murder.

Additionally, I have extensive training in forensic science. I supervised inmates in a facility housing up to 4,000 prisoners. Moreover, I have specialized training with the DEA, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Gang Recognition and Education. My credentials include over 4,200 hours of law enforcement training through the State of Texas.

"Turn and Face the Threat," a book I have written about my experiences as a Bandera County deputy, presents over 50 cases, in a no-holds barred examination of changes that need to occur in local law enforcement. The book includes relevant facts about my personal life and a chronicle of the challenges faced by other whistleblowers as well. Publication is set for December 2011.

No other candidate for sheriff has nine years of specialized experience with this department and thus, intimate firsthand knowledge of what needs to happen to make the department more professional and effective. And no other candidate has my unique knowledge of how to avoid litigation concerning discrimination, civil rights violations, or illegal acts.

Having lived in Europe and all over the United States, as well as in our nation's capital, I have the vision and resourcefulness to reshape the BCSO.

My deputies will fight crime effectively, without infringing upon rights of citizens or tourists, and without sacrificing this county's uniqueness.

I have proven in the past that I will stand up against wrongdoing whatever the consequences. As your sheriff, you will see immediate changes and I will work with community leaders to make Bandera County a better place to live.

My number is 866-698-9552 for anyone with questions or who would like to help with my campaign. I can also be contacted at