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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, April 18:
Failing to adhere to the suggestions of a previous court appeared to have put the skids on the fun of a Bandera Bozo.

Tuesday, April 19:
A Bandera Babe - certainly old enough to know better - was brought up short for being pickled in public.

An 18-year-old Freek from Fredericksburg was ostensibly tripped up by an "other" warrant.

A 17-year-old Bandera Boob found himself in hot water for criminal trespass.

Meanwhile, his cohort in crime remains in the county calaboose for felony criminal conspiracy and, for good measure, violating a court order. Another master criminal in the making!

Two misdemeanor traffic warrants and another for failing to appear forced a Pipe Creep to spend a night behind bars.

Wednesday, April 20:
A misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency sent a Lakehills Lawbreaker to the slammer.

A lovely young boozer from Boerne was arrested for her first DWI.

So, not only was this denizen from Pipe Creek nabbed for a couple of misdemeanor warrants - specifically, traffic and failing to appear - it also seems he is in this country without benefit of having arrive here legally and so remains confined to the county calaboose for his troubling transgressions.

Thursday, April 21:
A felony warrant from an outside agency was sufficient to send a local yokel to the slammer - but not for long.

Friday, April 22:
OMG - a Corpus Christi-ite violated a court order on Good Friday.

A felony third DWI apparently sent a likkered-up Lakehills lout to the quod where he remains.

It would appear that a Cowboy Capital Criminal might have violated a court order.

A sweet thang from San Antonio purportedly didn't run fast enough to dodge the warrant from an outside agency that had been dogging her.

Saturday, April 23:
Apparently a minor from Pipe Creek consumed something he ought not to have.

A Bandera Bad Boy could do with some anger management sessions after being apprehended for fisticuffs with bodily injury.

A homeless man was supposedly pie-eyed in public.

Sunday, April 24:
Ditto a Lunkhead from Lakehills
A cretin from Center Point remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn on a trifecta of charges - two misdemeanor warrants from an outside agency and a felony one, to boot.

In addition to the above arrests, during the week of Monday, April 18, through Easter Sunday, April 24, local law enforcement officers responded to four major vehicular accidents; a trio of disturbances and domestic disputes; one terroristic threat and two reports of harassment; a single burglary and a couple of thefts; a quartet of criminal trespasses and mischiefs; a whooping 35 calls involving our four-legged friends, including one bite; 10 suspicious circumstances, vehicles and persons; and nine calls for reckless driving, among others.

A total of 61 jailbirds, call our county quod "home sweet home" - eight from Gillespie County, seven from Real County and two from Medina County.

The rest of the prisoners originated closer to home.