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Gibson announces for water board


My name is Sidney J. Gibson. I am running for the At-Large position on the Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District Board of Directors.
Please be aware that each registered voter will be able to cast two votes for the Water District Directors on Saturday, May 14. One vote may be cast for a director representing your precinct and one vote for an At-Large Director representing the entire county.
I became interested in the Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District about two years ago when new rules were being discussed and the acquisition of a building to office the water district was being hotly debated.
Since then, the building has been acquired and renovated. That is in the past and I don't feel that further discussion is needed or will be productive.
However, for the past six months, the rules, which were finalized after long debate, have been set aside as they relate to permitted wells and this does need to be addressed. As you all probably know, the vast majority of wells in Bandera County are exempt wells. Those that are allowed on individual lots that are at least five acres, as well as smaller lots that were platted prior to the five-acre rule, and those wells used for domestic use and the watering of livestock. However, approximately 200 wells - the water district should be able to provide an exact count - are basically larger higher capacity wells. These wells should be permitted, metered and limited to beneficial use and not wasteful use. Without meters, no one can tell if wasteful use is occurring and useful data cannot be gathered. District rules should be straightforward and consistently applied throughout the District.
I also advocate a reexamination of the districts' monitoring wells, evaluation of the data available from these wells and developing an active plan for the future location of monitoring wells and the various aquifers. The purpose of gathering meaningful data is to determine with some accuracy the future of our water resource.
For those that don't know me personally, I would like to tell you a little about myself. After graduating from high school, I earned an Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corp after a four-year enlistment where I attained the rank of Staff Sergeant. My enlistment included a 16-month tour in Vietnam as a North Vietnamese translator. I returned from Vietnam in November 1969
Following my discharge I attended the University of Houston, Hilton School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. In February 1972, I married my wife, Deborah A. Shirley, and shortly thereafter began a career in real estate in Houston.
I worked in several aspects of the industry, including commercial brokerage, land development, home construction and home inspection. During this time I worked closely with several Water Control and Improvement Districts, as well as Municipal Utility Districts and assisted in the creation of two utility districts.
Debbie and I purchased property in Bandera in 2004 and became weekenders until we began construction of our home at the end of 2005. Since April 1, 2006, we have co-owned and operated Brick's River Café in Bandera with our son, Brick, and his wife, Jennifer. Brick and Jennifer have three sons and live next door to us.
On March 1, we jointly opened and are operating Sid's Main Street BBQ. Our daughter, Rebeca Gibson is a special education teacher at Bandera High School and her daughter Marley attends Bandera Middle School. Our other daughter, Olivia, lives in St Augustine, Florida, with her daughter, Emma Lily.
We are a close family and have come to believe that our grandchildren are our greatest resource. It is our duty to future generations to conserve water.
I would like to represent the residents of Bandera County in the At-Large position for the Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District and I greatly appreciate your vote.

Early voting begins Wednesday, May 4, and concludes Tuesday, May 10.