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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, April 11:
After failing to elude Bandera County's Long Arm of the Law, a Scofflaw from San Antone remains confined to the clink on four misdemeanor charges - a trio of outstanding "other" warrants and another for failing to appear.

An inhabitant of Livingston was nabbed for being likkered up behind a wheel for a first time.

Apparently a local yokel not only violated one of the laws set forth by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission but a few days later, he was picked up for being pie-eyed in public as well.

Tuesday, April 12:
A Bodacious Bad Girl from Bandera spent a night in the county calaboose after it had been determined that she was being dogged by a trio of misdemeanor warrants, suggesting she had failed to heed the ministrations of three previous courts.

Wednesday, April 13:
For interfering with a public servant - and we're probably not talking about the county auditor here - a woman old enough to know better was sent to the slammer where she spent nary a night before being whisked away to her home in Pipe Creek.

Saturday, April 16:
This seemed a fine haul for a Saturday night in the Free State of Bantucky - four people picked up for being three sheets to the wind in public, two Bandera Boozers and a pair of swizzlers from San Antonio, as well; a first DWI and, for good measure, someone who was apparently motoring along merrily without benefit of a license.

Sunday, April 17:
Another Blockhead from Bandera remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn after also failing to heed the no-doubt fine suggestions of a trio of previous courts.

Ditto, expect this fine upstanding resident of Boerne was being tailed by just a single capius pro fine warrant. However, the guy remains in lock-up.

In addition to the above arrests, during the week of Monday, April 11, through Sunday, April 18, local law enforcement officers also responded to a pair of major vehicular accidents; eight fights, disturbances, domestic disputes or loud parties; two terroristic threats; a single burglary and a pair of thefts; a trio of criminal trespasses and mischiefs; a whooping 30 calls concerning about our four-legged friends, including a trio of dog and cat bites; a quartet of reports that shots rang out; two structure fires; 10 suspicious circumstances, vehicles and people; and an equal number of reports regarding reckless driving.

A total of 66 jailbirds call the Bandera County Quod "home sweet home" - 13 from Gillespie County, eight from Real County and two from Medina County.

You can probably guess where the rest of the criminals were caught!