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Deadline for Applications for Service Academy Nominations


United States District 21 Rep. Lamar Smith recently urged all high school students interested in attending one of the five US Service Academies to submit their applications before the deadline on Saturday, Oct. 22.

"I encourage all interested students to apply for the opportunity to attend one of our nation's distinguished military service academies," said Smith. "It is an honor for me to nominate the outstanding young people who are interested in pursuing their education at one of these academies.

"I am always inspired by the bright, capable, patriotic and dedicated men and women who are interested in attending the United States Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, Military Academy, or the Merchant Marine Academy.

Serving in our armed forces is one of the greatest aspirations a young American can have and it is a great privilege of my job to nominate the exceptional young people who are eager to serve their nation."

All application materials for the entering class of 2012 must be postmarked by Oct. 22.

Interested students should contact Congressman Smith's office in Kerrville to begin the application process.

The contact information is:

Congressman Lamar Smith
301 Junction Hwy., Suite 346C Kerrville, Texas 78028
Attn: Anne Overby
830-896-0154 fax 830-896-0168