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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, April 4:
A warrant from an outside agency tripped up a local lawbreaker.
A Geek from Garland remains in the county can on account of a misdemeanor warrant that may revoke his probation.
Not only was a Concan Con being housed from another county, but he is also accused of, for good measure, two misdemeanor traffic warrants and another for failing to appear.
A 60something year old from San Antonio remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn after being arrested for a first DWI and for a misdemeanor failing to appear warrant, as well.
Tuesday, April 5:
Faced with an "other" warrant, a Bandera Boyo went to jail for a bit.
A "yewt" from Uvalde was hauled off to the hoosegow - where he remains - on account of a felony warrant that may eventually revoke his probation.
A sweet young thang from Pipe Creek apparently boosted something worth between $50 and $500.
Wednesday, April 6:
A 20-year-old sweetie slunk up from San Antonio only to be apprehended for pot possession and being a minor in possession - of booze, we presume.
Copy that for her two 18- and 19-year-old cohort(s) in crime.
A Bandera Blockhead was busted for retaliation.
Thursday, April 7:
Accused of sexual assault, a reprobate eventually wended his way back from Rockport.
A Bandito from Bandera was nabbed not only for not having a driver's license, but also perhaps for not possessing citizenship papers as well.
A Pipe Creep didn't have a driver's license either.
Friday, April 8:
A Punk from Pasadena remains in the gaol, charged with felony assault by contact.
A lunkhead from Leakey apparently forged some government document, this earning the felon a prolonged stay in the quod.
A Cretin from Campwood also remains behind bars for a felonious warrant that may revoke his probation.
A Bandera resident was arrested for felony indecency with a child.
Saturday, April 9:
Underaged imbibers from Lakehills, Bandera and Pipe Creek, ranging in age from 17 to 20 years, were arrested for consuming refreshing adult beverages or, alternatively, being in possession of refreshing adult beverages and one for attempting - unsuccessfully, it would seem - to evade arrest.
In addition to the usual batch of homegrown or at least home caught criminals, the Bandera County Clink serves as home to scofflaws from Gillespie, Medina and Real counties.