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Schumacher announces re-election bid


City of Bandera Mayor Pro Tem Maggie Schumacher recently declared her candidacy for re-election.
For the past two years, it has been my honor and pleasure to serve as one of your city council members.
I want to thank the residents and business owners who have stepped up and gotten involved in the city's governing process. I appreciate the calls and visits from people sharing their concerns about the city; I have tried to act on these concerns. We need more citizen participation like this.
I also want to thank my colleagues on city council who have worked very hard to make Bandera better. Though we differ at times, our discussions usually result in what is best for the city.
I have learned a great deal about the workings of the city and want to continue being a responsive and informed councilwoman who represents you consistently and fairly.
Some accomplishments of my first term include:
• I insisted on going out for bids for the garbage collection contract and by doing this obtained a more competitive rate;
• the Council successfully negotiated a responsible city budget while enhancing the health insurance for city employees;
• I was instrumental in requiring the city police to enforce the complete Noise Ordinance;
• I finalized the Bandera Master Plan subsequently adopted by City Council in the fall of 2010; and
• the Council helped restore the integrity of our municipal court system.
At the beginning of 2011, City Council implemented a performance review system. While some may think this is micromanaging, I believe it is a basic procedure common for successful businesses. It helps us be more responsible stewards of taxpayers' dollars.
We have a dedicated workforce who deserves to be treated professionally and to have a system that rewards employees who are exceeding expectations.
The recent budget discussions where I opposed mid-year salary increases is another demonstration of demanding fiscal responsibility for the residents and being sensitive to the difficult economic times we are experiencing.
Much work needs to be done. The goals of the City Master Plan need to be implemented. We need more citizens to get involved with the three main areas outlined in the Master Plan - Revitalization of Main Street, City Park Improvements and Economic Development.
Implementing these three areas will have a positive impact on the revitalization of neighborhoods and on our infrastructure needs. The success of these goals will be enhanced or compromised by our ability to work together - residents and businesses, city staff with the city council and city committees, and city and county entities.
We can decide how to handle the approaching sprawl of San Antonio and not let it be decided for us. With positive change and smart growth, we can also expand our tax base and lessen the burden on the residents.
With your help, we will have a better Bandera - a city that protects its historic roots and western heritage; a city that values its citizens and maintains its small town atmosphere; a city with a revitalized Main Street; and a city with a healthier economy.
Bandera is at a crossroads where we can choose to struggle to survive or choose to thrive. I invite you to work with me and help Bandera thrive. I appreciate your support and ask for your vote.