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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, March 28:
After failing to pass a field sobriety test, a Kerr-vert was booked into the county can for a first DWI.

Tuesday, March 29:
A Banderan was apparently blotto in public.

Wednesday, March 30:
A lovely lady from Bandera County's Lake District found herself charged with two felonies after being picked up for DWI with a child in the vehicle and also for assaulting a public servant - perhaps just for the heck of it. What, oh what, was the woman thinking?

A Scofflaw from San Antonio remains behind bars on a trifecta of felony charges, including a bench warrant, robbery and retaliation.

A Kerrville Kray-ture also is still in Bandera's Big House after being nabbed for two misdemeanors - failing to appear and going one toke over the line.

Thursday, March 31:
Apparently a Bandera Boozer was busted for a second DWI.
A hapless homeless man found himself collared for being pie-eyed in public.

Friday, April 1:
Ditto a local yokel and Pip from Pipe Creek

A bad-tempered Bandera Boyo became a guest of the Gray Bar Inn for the bodily injury of someone during an assault.

A criminal from the Cowboy Capital was hauled off to the hoosegow after being charged with a first DWI and possessing a dangerous drug - and we probably don't mean the kind the late Robert Palmer used to croon about.

Another fool celebrated April Fool's Day by being pissed in public.

Even in the Free State of Bantucky, you gotta have a conceal carry permit if you want to pack - as a 60-something citizen recently discovered.

Saturday, April 2:
A Hick from Houston, a crook from Cypress and an apparent Hack - drinker, that is - also from Houston were picked up for, respectively, a first and second DWI and, for good measure, public intoxication,.

A warrant from an outside agency
stopped for a short time the revelry of a 22-year-old Bandera Babe.

Although a Bandera Blockhead was nabbed for a felony third DWI, he failed to stay behind bars for long.
Hopefully, however, he hitched a ride home.

Yet another Houstonian found himself pinched for a first DWI and for an outstanding warrant that indicated he had failed to heed the suggestions of a previous court, as well.

Sunday, April 3:
I'm fresh out of anything clever, so, let it be written, that another out-of-towner found himself pulled over for a first DWI - on the Sabbath, no less.

A warrant from an outside agency stopped an Oaf from Odessa - for a couple of hours at least.

A trio of "yewts" from Helotes, Boerne and Bandera were caught imbibing refreshing, but obviously, adult beverages.

Perhaps the follow "foul"-ups were the above trio's cohorts in crimes. A slug from San Antone was picked up for - what else - a first DWI; a Bandera Bad Boy, assault by contact; and another well-bred 17-year-old Lakehills "lady" for assault with bodily injury.

Ditto, except this Bandera Bad Girl charged with assault with bodily injury was 29 years old and should have known better than to "vent" in public on another person.

A 19-year-old Banderan bungled the burglary of a building and remains confined to the county calaboose on an unfortunate felony charge for his indiscretion.

And last, but certainly not least, a local yokel was busted for a traffic offense.

Thus endth another arrest report and another week in Bandera.