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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, March 21:
A 19-year-old slug from San Antonio failed to realize he needed a driver's license to motor along merrily - even in Bantucky!
A local yokel was tripped up by a felony warrant that may eventually revoke his probation. For his indiscretion, he remains a captive in the county can.
A Pipe Creep also remains a prisoner after being arrested for two misdemeanor charges of assault with bodily injury. Tsk, tsk ...
Tuesday, March 22:
Not only did a Kerr-vert get nabbed for felony burglary of a habitat, but he may also win a trip "south of the border" after INS agents get through with him.
A derelict from Deer Park found himself afoul of our local constabulary after getting bused for having no liability insurance, but being tailed by a traffic warrant and another for failing to appear.
Wednesday, March 23:
Not only is a criminal from Comfort being housed here "from another county," but he's also in our Little Big House for myriad other charges, including - but not limited to - two counts of felony burglary of a habitat, felony organized criminal activity and, for good measure, a misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency.
Thursday, March 24:
A couple of misdemeanor warrants - one from an outside agency and another for being smashed behind a wheel for a second time - tripped up a San Antonio Scofflaw, who is still a guest of the Gray Bar Inn for his troubles.
It looks like a Trickster from Thailand!? - Don't ask. I could be wrong! - remains behind Bandera County Bars - and we don't mean the drinking kind - for a felony warrant to revoke his probation.
Well, lookee here, a hell-raiser from Houston was stopped dead in his tracks on a plethora of misdemeanor charges, including obstruction of a highway, speeding, having no liability insurance, driving without a license x's two, a traffic warrant and, for good measure, two failure-to-appear warrants. I guess him remaining behind bars precludes the issuance of a third FTA.
Friday, March 25:
So, not only did this simpleton from San Antone get busted for driving without a license, he was charged with having no liability insurance, too.
A Bad Boy from the Big City of Boerne met his match in Bandera after being detained for not having followed the suggestions of two previous courts.
Ditto a Lout from Lakehills, but he didn't pay attention to da judge only once.
Saturday, March 26:
A Bandito from Bandera and a Lunkhead from LaVernia were picked up for being pie-eyed in public and possessing pot and possessing pot and being pissed behind a wheel, respectively.
Amazingly, a Bandera Boyo reached the ripe age of 50something before being picked up for his first DWI.
Sunday, March 27:
A Twerp from Tarpley and a Babe from Bandera apparently were unable to hold their respective likkers in public. However, only the Babe remains behind bars.
A total of 64 jailbirds call the Bandera County Calaboose "home sweet home" - nine from Gillespie County and the rest , who really cares? Certainly not me ...