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Beware - telephone scam still working Bandera County

By Carolyn B. Edwards & Judith Pannebaker

Susie Jennings of Bandera called last week to thank the Courier for alerting local residents about a telephone scam.
"If I hadn't read the story, I might have been taken in," said Jennings.
Jennings received a call at her Highway 173 North home similar to one reported by former County Treasurer Elizabeth James who had received a questionable call on Monday, Feb. 21.
Like James' call, Jennings said her caller was hard to understand and said he was from Global International.
Previously, a caller had told James that his company was attempting to mail her husband a package that included a certified check. The caller asked James to have her husband call 702-516-6254 to make arrangements to ship the package and check.
Jennings said her caller ID also indicated a 702 area code. Because she had just read the article, she hung up. When she tried to re-dial, the message said the number was no longer in service.
Jennings immediately called the office of the Texas Attorney General to report the attempted scam.
"They told me that it is extremely hard to trace these callers because the scammers use throw-away phones," said Jennings.
When James asked the scammer what the check was for, "He told me the check was being sent to my husband because he pays his utility bills so promptly.
"I wanted the newspaper to let everyone know about this scam. With this bad economy, a lot of people - especially older people - have been having financial problems lately. They might actually fall for this scheme," James said.
The Courier will reiterate. If confronted by a financial proposition that seems "too good to be true," it probably is. Never give anyone your bank account numbers or credit cards numbers over the phone unless you initiated the call.
To report a possible scam, contact the Texas Attorney General's office at 800-252-8011 or visit www.texasattorneygeneral.gov.