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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

This week brings us another group of "yewts" celebrating the up-and-coming close of the school year with a series of refreshing adult beverages - boys and girls behaving badly in Bandera. In fact, a glance at this list of arrests serves to underscore the apparent deleterious effects Demon Rum has had on judgment of malefactors late.

Monday, Feb. 21:
Nine no doubt well-brought-up young ladies and gentlemen from Pipe Creek, Lakehills, Bandera and San Antonio, as well as the 21-year-old boob who supplied the booze, were busted by the Long Arm of the Law. They were all bailed out of the quod with alacrity, however - no doubt by a passel of discontented parents.
Tuesday, Feb. 22:
While a warrant from an outside agency stopped a Bandito from Boerne in his tracks, an INS detainer might prove just a tad more problematic.
A criminally trespassing female Pipe Creepian was arrested for her transgressions.
A scofflaw from San Antone remains in the slammer on account of a felony warrant that may revoke his probation.
Two outstanding warrants from an outside agency failed to keep a Bandera Bad Girl behind bars for long.
Wednesday, Feb. 23:
A 23-year-old ill-tempered denizen of the Lake District found himself afoul of the law for attempting assault with bodily injury - or perhaps he succeeded with that bodily injury bit.
Another Wednesday evening, another person picked up for public intoxication in the Free State of Bantucky.
A Misfit from Medina found himself clutched by the Long Arm of the Law - albeit for a short time - for felony evading arrest with a vehicle and for possessing paraphernalia to boot.
Being nabbed for a warrant from an outside agency failed to stop the stride of a local yokel.
Thursday, Feb. 24:
A mendacious malefactor from Medina was nabbed on a so-called misdemeanor "blue warrant" that may, at a later date, serve to revoke her parole - or something. At any rate, she appears to still be behind bars - and we don't mean the drinkin' kind.
A 21-year-old hit the trifecta when she was collared for two failure to appear warrants and an "other" one, as well.
Friday, Feb. 25:
Arrests for felony burglary of a building and a habitat sent, respectively, a Snark from Snyder and a Crook from Comfort, to the slammer. The Kreep from Kendall County was also booked for organized criminal activity.
A Kerr-vert was picked up for driving without a license and a sinner from Shepard for driving while intoxicated for a very first time.
Saturday, Feb. 26:
A cretin from Cleveland - Texas, we presume - was also confined to the county can for his nascent DWI, while a hellion from Houston found himself looking at a felony third driving while inebriated charge.
Meanwhile, a Bandera Boozer and another Auslander from Houston were picked up for being unable to hold their likker in public.
Sunday, Feb. 27:
A twerp from Tarpley and a con from Corpus celebrated the Sabbath by partaking of the fruit of the grape or hops of the beer in public.
Three minors found themselves in a bit of hot water because one of the two from River City was found to be consuming something she ought not to have been while the other purportedly possessed paraphernalia, as did their cohort in crime from Converse.
Not only was a twit from Tarpley ostensibly pie-eyed in public but he also obstructed a roadway while on his way to an arrest.
Another Bandera Boozer appeared to be - at least to an officer who counted - three sheets to the wind in public.
Three amigos from the Alamo City - all underage - were sent to the slammer for consuming likker. In addition, one presented with pot and another with the "put that in your pipe" to smoke it.
A total of 77 jailbirds call the Bandera County Calaboose "home sweet home" - 12 each from Gillespie and Medina counties and five from Real County.