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Thanks for 64 wonderful years

BCC Staff

After 64 years conducting business on Main Street, Esther Everett, seated front, closed the doors of her shop for the last time on Friday, Feb. 25.

She and her late husband became known for their fine jewelry, china and crystal Miz Esther spent her last day in the trade surrounded by friends and business colleagues, including City of Bandera Mayor Horst Palleske; Peggy Ashmore, owner of Shoe Biz; Cerise Ripps, representing the Bandera County Chamber of Commerce; Margaret Paradee, owner of The Gingerbread House and president of the Bandera Business Association; Joyce Stevens, Miz Esther's right hand woman; and Rose Parker of Shoe Biz.

A steady stream of customers and well wishers trooped in and out of 304 Main Street, making the day one to remember.

When asked if her diamonds were selling "like hotcakes," the feisty octogenarian replied with a twinkle, "Surprisingly, they are." Best of luck from the Bandera County Courier, Miz Esther, we - along with everyone else on Main Street - will miss you.