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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

I thought last week's frigid temperatures would tamp down criminal activity in our fair county. As noted by the number of felony arrests this past week, apparently, I was wrong!
Monday, Jan. 31:
A Lakehills Lackey was nabbed for a misdemeanor "other" warrant.
A miscreant from Medina spent several days in the slammer due to four felony "other" warrants.
A 22-year-old was arrested - and remains incarcerated - after being charged with indecency and sexual contact with a child.
A Kerr-vert remains in the quod after being hit with a half dozen misdemeanor charges, including two warrants from an outside agency and a pair for failing to appear, as well as two presumably new charges: fleeing and reckless driving. Do you suppose he was caught driving with abandon whilst attempting to escape the clutches of John Law?
Tuesday, Feb. 1:
A local yokel remains in the county can due to a misdemeanor warrant that may - but probably won't - revoke his probation.
An 18-year-old master criminal was pinched for felony burglary of a building.
As if being dogged by a felony warrant that may revoke his probation wasn't enough, a Twit from Taylor apparently decided to come to Bandera and ply his trade, which included felony possession of certain chemicals and controlled substances. He remains confined to the county calaboose for his trouble - and for two misdemeanor warrants from an outside agency as well.
Okay, we may have some kind of a ring going on here. A Lakehills Lassie also remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn for three felonies - manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance, possessing a controlled substance and possessing chemicals used in the manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance. Not content with racking up those charges, the chick was also arrested for three misdemeanor counts of possessing other dangerous drugs.
Her cohort in crime, who was also charged with three felonies related to meth production - manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession certain chemicals, bonded out after spending just 24 hours in the gaol.
However, a Corpus Christi Creep, who was charged with five felonies related to the manufacture and delivery of meth, still remains in Bandera's Big House for his trouble, charged with manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance, possessing a controlled substance and possessing chemicals, well, you must know the drill by now. Oh, he was also nabbed for being dogged by two felony warrants that may hopefully serve to revoke his probation.
Wednesday, Feb. 2:
A Pipe Creep's supposed litany of illegality includes a felony warrant to - what else? - revoke his probation, in addition to three misdemeanor warrants that apparently resulted from his perceptible inability to heed the suggestions of a previous court.
A Vixen from Van Ormy got popped for a felony warrant that may revoke her probation.
It would appear that a not-so-trustworthy Pip from Pipe Creek bonded out from previous places of incarceration four times and ran like a deer. Therefore, he was picked up for four felony "off-bond" warrants and remains incarcerated for this trouble.
Thursday, Feb. 3:
A Kendall Kounty Kriminal remains konfined to the kounty klink after being busted for felony organized criminal activity and burglary of a habitat, in addition to a quartet of warrants from an outside agency - one of which was for a felony.
A Bandera Bandito purportedly pinched something worth between $50 and $500.
Saturday, Feb. 5:
A nearly 60something Boyo from Britt decided to settle an argument using fisticuffs and so was collared for assault with bodily injury.
An area man was arrested for felony theft of merchandise worth between $1,500 and $20,000.
A Lakehill Lawbreaker - old enough to know better - apparently decided to drink and drive for a second time; however, he failed to get away with it this time either.
Sunday, Feb. 6:
A Bandera Bad Boy celebrated the Sabbath by collecting his very first DWI charge. He, too, was old enough to know better.
Currently a total of 69 jailbirds call the Bandera County Clink "home sweet home" - 10 from Gillespie County, nine from Medina County and eight from Real County. The rest of the scofflaws, it would seem, are of the homegrown - or at least home-arrested - variety.