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City wells wrapped for next arctic blast

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

During the recent frigid temps, residents of the City of Bandera experienced no major interruption of water services but, according to City Administrator Gene Foerster, it was touch and go for a while.
On Thursday, Jan. Feb. 3, a crew from the Department of Public Works re-insulated a pipe running along the ground from a commercial well on Mulberry Street. According to Foerster, old insulation had come off, exposing the pipe to the elements.
"The men wrapped heat strips along the pipe that can be heated electrically during the next cold spell," Foerster explained. "Then, they covered that with new insulation."
He said that city residents had experienced low water pressure at times during the three-days of bone-chilling winds that were coupled with temperatures that failed to get higher than the 20s.
Foerster attributed the low pressure to a frozen pipe in the Cedar Street tank. Additionally, the city switched water pumping from the well on Mulberry Street to the Cedar Street well during the cold snap.
Meteorologists predicted that another arctic blast would arrive in the Hill County this week. "They say it won't be as cold as the one last week, but that this one will include more precipitation because it will draw in moisture from the Gulf," Foerster said.

Pictured: Photo by Judith Pannebaker

Joe Delafuente, who has worked for the City of Bandera for 18 years, and Donovan Bradford, a relative newcomer with 18 months under his belt as a municipal employee, braved frigid temperatures on Thursday, Feb. 3, to ensure that the arctic-like conditions would not disrupt water service to city residents. Their diligence kept the Mulberry Street well pumping.