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AACOG Weatherization Assistance Program seeking Bandera applicants

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

AACOG's Wea­ther­ization Assistance Program (WAP) will host an outreach event at the Silver Sage Corral at 803 Buck Creek Drive, in Bandera, on Thursday, Feb.10. The event, which will focus on educating residents how the Weatherization Assistance Program can help make homes more energy efficient, is scheduled for 1pm to 8 pm. Representatives from AACOG will be available to help fill out WAP Applications.
Bandera Mayor Horst Pallaske encourages residents of the city to attend the session to see if they qualify for the program. "This can be a good thing for many of our homeowners and residents to improve the energy efficiency of their homes," said Pallaske.
The program is designed to help low-income people, particularly the elderly and individuals with physical disabilities or impairments, overcome the high cost of energy, by installing weatherization energy conservation measures in their homes - at no cost.
The program is open to applicants whose overall household income falls at or below 200 percent of the Federal poverty level. Both homeowners and renters can apply.
AACOG WAP Staff will be on hand to explain the program and help fill out applications. Those interested should bring proof of income/assistance for all household members over 18. Acceptable proof includes the following: copies of a recent electric and gas bills showing the name of the account holder, pay stubs from work of the last 30 days, identification, and any other income documentation such as SSI determinations, unemployment benefits, or child support to speed up the application process.
Once an applicant is qualified, the individual needs of the home are assessed with a comprehensive energy audit. "Then we ask 'how can we reduce this problem?'" said Chadick.
Measures are then installed to make the home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and safe all of the time.
There is no cost to the homeowner or renter for weatherization services.
For an application, visit www.aacog.com/housing or call (210) 362-5282.

Pictured: Use this chart to determine if your income level qualifies you to apply for a weatherization program for your home in Bandera. The program will be administered by the Alamo Area Council of Government using federal funds. These 2010 guidelines are still in effect for 2011.