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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

As I write this, chaos continues in Cairo, but, as yet, freight traffic through the Suez Canal has not been disrupted. However, should that happen, be prepared for oil prices to increase dramatically. Increased oil prices would put the brakes on this country's fragile economic recovery and possibly lead to inflationary prices and increased unemployment.
What does that have to do with the Law West & East of Privilege Creek? To connect the dots, when an economy tanks, crime typically rises. But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. Given the number of criminals on this week's arrest report, let's hope so.
Here we go.
Monday, Jan. 24:
A Dolt from Delvalle found himself in hot water - for a time, at least - on account of a felony bench warrant.
A geriatric from Utopia ran afoul of the law for being dogged by two misdemeanor counts of failing to heed the warnings of previous courts.
A Medina Miscreant hit a trifecta for two misdemeanor capius pro fine warrants and an "other" felony warrant.
Tuesday, Jan. 25:
A Hellion from Harper remains a guest of the Gray Bar Inn after being busted for five felony warrants that hopefully will eventually revoke his probation.
After being stopped by the Long Arm attached to John Law, a Lunkhead from Lakehills was charged with misdemeanor possession of two bags of MJ that each contained less than two ounces and, more seriously, but maybe not, felony possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.
Well, lookee here, a Bandera Bad Boy is finally back from Bexar and faces five counts of felony burglary of a habitat, two felony warrants for skipping out on bonds and felony possession of weed in a weed-free zone and another controlled substance, to boot, as well as the dreaded Blue Warrant that may eventually revoke his parole. The hapless hooligan remains in the county can.
Wednesday, Jan. 26:
A Vanderpool Viper remains in lockup after being nabbed for a misdemeanor second DWI. Hey, guy, another such transgression and you'll be facing a felony.
Two Bandera Boyos were finally apprehended due to felony "other" warrants while another listless local was confined to the calaboose for possessing certain chemicals - and they probably weren't aspirin.
Meanwhile a 19-year-old Pipe Creep spent two nights in the slammer after being detained for not only having MaryJane, but also a controlled substance, as well.
Thursday, Jan. 27:
A well-brought-up Bandera Babe was caught and released for a felony "other" violation.
As was a Lakehills Lawbreaker after being charged with felony theft of something worth over $1,500 but less than $20,000.
A court ordered the detention of a San Antone Sweetie for having perpetrateed some kind of felony crime and so she was - and so she remains.
Two master criminals from Bandera and Lakehill, who are 19 and 21 years old, respectively were hauled to the hoosegow for a series of felony "other" warrants, but they didn't stay long.
A Babe from Boerne, however, remains behind bars on account of a trio of felony "other" warrants.
Now, here comes a Cowboy Capital Criminal who also remains a guest of the Cross Bar Inn after being charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault with bodily injury and felony injury to a child. Hey, guy, maybe you ought to straighten yourself out! I'm just saying.
For a spell, speeding sent one local yokel to the gaol and misdemeanor assault with bodily injury another.
Friday, Jan. 28:
A man old enough to know better thought he could get away with driving without a license - he was wrong.
A misdemeanor "other" warrant proved the bane of another Bad Boy from Bandera.
A Slug from San Antonio was slapped in our fair slammer after a felony "other" warrant caught up with him.
While a dingbat from Dallas purportedly quickly posted bond on a felony warrant from an outside agency.
Oh, great, a Scofflaw slunk all the way from San Antonio to do felony injury to a disabled person in this county. He was booked into our Big House and left with alacrity.
Saturday, Jan. 29:
Not content with committing criminal trespass, a cretin apparently committed criminal mischief to boot. He remains locked up for his misdemeanor crimes.
Sunday, Jan. 30:
S. from San Antonio celebrated the Sabbath by drinking and driving - ostensibly for a first time.
A lovely young lady from Elmendorf was pinched because of two felony warrants from an outside agency.
And, finally, a Bandera felon remains behind bars after being charged with aggravated sexual assault.
A total of 78 jailbirds call the county clink "home sweet home." Of that number 30 hailed from Gillespie and Medina counties and seven from Real County.
You can probably guess from whence the remainder came.