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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

Police at Work

Monday, Jan. 17:
A Boob from Bandera was busted for felony retaliation.
A felony bench warrant put the skids on the good times of a denizen of El Paso. The unfortunate felon has not yet been returned to his hometown.
Tuesday, Jan. 18:
A Lakehills Lug and a Kerr-vert remain in the quod, charged with a collective trio of felony warrants that may serve to revoke their probations.
A citizen of Center Point attempted to solve a disagreement with fisticuffs and so was charged with misdemeanor assault with bodily injury.
A Bandera Bad Boy spent a night in the county can after being charged with pot possession and three counts of ignoring a trio of warnings from other courts.
Thursday, Jan. 20:
The same guy was apparently arrested a second time for felony retaliation.
A San Antone Scofflaw slunk up to the Hill County only to be nabbed for felony theft of something valued at between $1,500 and $20,000 and for a felony "other" warrant.
A pair of not-so-sporting fellows from Lakehills and Pipe Creek found themselves in hot water with the law after being collared for hunting at night and a couple of "other" violations, for good measure. Additionally, one of the intrepid hunters was charged with criminal mischief.
Two misdemeanor warrants from an outside agency seemed sufficient for a local yokel to spend a night in the slammer.
For failing to heed the suggestions of a previous court, a Bandera Boyo remains confined to the county calaboose.
A Slug from San Antone failed to hold his likker in public in Bandera.
Friday, Jan. 21:
One Bandera Blockhead and a trio of nimnutz from the River City were arrested on their collective first DWIs. In addition to the three misdemeanor charges, a woman from SA, who was purportedly inebriated with a child passenger in her vehicle, could possibly face a felony charge. However, all bonded out posthaste - even a guy who apparently was also going one toke over the line in addition to being pie-eyed.
Not only was a 60something Bad Boy from Bacliff pinched for being three sheets to the wind in public, but also for resisting arrest, as well.
Sunday, Jan. 23:
Another Sunday night, another Cowboy Capital Criminal picked up for being pissed in public. Two other arrests were made that night - guys from Von Ormy and Cincinnati were apparently driving while intoxicated for a first time.
In addition to the above arrests, during the week on Monday, 17, to Sunday, Jan. 23, local law enforcement officers also responded to two major and four minor vehicular accidents; a quartet of disturbances and a single terroristic threat and three for harassment; two each, burglaries and thefts; 18 calls regarding our four-legged friends; a sexual assault; one shot ringing out; eight suspicious circumstances, persons and vehicles; and an equal number of calls for reckless driving, among others.
A total of 72 jailbirds call the County Clink "home sweet home," including 19 from Medina County, 12 from Gillespie County and half-dozen from Real County. The rest of the crooks seem to be of the home arrested - if not homegrown - variety.