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Monday, Jan. 10:
A scofflaw from San Antonio though he could get away with driving without a license in Bandera County - he wuz wrong.
An "other" warrant proved the undoing of one of Medina's mendacious miscreants.
A River City Reprobate remains confined to the county clink on a misdemeanor charge of assault with bodily injury, while his friend is also incarcerated in Bandera's Big House for a misdemeanor warrant that may eventually revoke his probation.
A nearly 50something Lakehills Lassie could do with some anger management sessions after being arrested for assault by contact.
Tuesday, Jan. 11:
Meanwhile a Blockhead from Bandera remains behind bars on a felony charge of hindering the apprehension and prosecution of a noticeable ne'r-do-well.
Not only is a Geek from Gillespie County being housed in our gracious gaol at the behest of his county fathers, but he's also been charged with two misdemeanor warrants from an outside agency as well.
Wednesday, Jan. 12:
A no doubt gently raised 17-year-old young lady from the Lake District found herself momentarily behind bars after being apprehended for committing assault by contact.
Not surprisingly, yet another local yokel was arrested on a first DWI.
Thursday, Jan. 13:
Whereas, a fine fellow from Medina found himself unable to hold his likker in public.
A Bandera Boyo purportedly went one toke over the line and, for his transgression, was carted off to the can for pot possession.
Friday, Jan. 14:
A New Braunfels nitwit attempted to get away with motoring merrily along without liability insurance. After failing, she became a guest at the Gray Bar Inn - for a few hours at least.
A capius pro fine warrant put the skids on the good times of a resident of a community to the north of Bandera on Highway 16.
A Hick from Helotes hit the trifecta after being picked up for a second DWI and driving without a license, but being accompanied by less than two ounces of weed.
Sunday, Jan. 16:
Uh oh, it looks like a trio of pugilists were picked up for misdemeanor assault with bodily contact after attempting to perhaps solve a disagreement with fisticuffs. The two Lakehills Lunkheads posted bond with alacrity while the Pipe Creep remains confined to the county clink - at least of this writing.
In addition to the above arrests, during the week of Monday, Jan. 10, through Sunday, Jan. 16, local law enforcement officers also responded to a pair of major vehicular accidents; seven disturbances and domestic disputes; one each, terroristic threat and harassment; a quartet of burglaries and quintet of thefts; four criminal trespasses and mischief; 21 calls regarding our four-legged friends; two reports of shots fired; an unlucky seven suspicious circumstances, vehicles and persons; and four reports of reckless driving, among others.
At present, a total of 71 jailbirds call the Bandera County Calaboose "home sweet home," including 15 from Medina County, 12 from Gillespie County and a half dozen from Real County. The rest are apparently local scoundrels, troublemakers and malefactors.