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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Sept. 12:
A Pipe Creepette, who thought she could get away with boosting something worth between $50 and $500, was instead nabbed for her trouble.

An 18-year-old lackey from Lakehills was arrested for felony sexual assault and, as a result, spent a couple of nights in the can.

A Miscreant from McCamey remains behind bars after being plucked asunder for a felony warrant to revoke his probation.

Tuesday, Sept. 13:
An apparently broke Banderan failed to get away with stealing something worth between $500 and $1,500.

Well, not only is this Ishkabibble from Mason being housed in our fair hoosegow for a misdemeanor offense, but now he's also in Dutch with the INS, as well.

A shoplifter stole up from San Antone to pinch something in the Hill Country worth between $500 and $1,500 - and seemingly failed.

A Bandera Boyo remains behind bars for a misdemeanor motion to revoke his probation and for an "other" warrant, to boot.

A 48-year-old "well-brought-up" A-Hole from Austin found herself a guest of the Grey Bar Inn for 24 hours for not only interfering with a public servant, but for also resisting arrest, as well.

Wednesday, Sept. 14:
This Pipe Creek Criminal was picked up on a quartet of misdemeanor charges, including assault by contact, driving recklessly without a license and, for good measure, holding weed.

Thursday, Sept. 15:
Wow, it took this chap from Coldspring 78 years - or so - to get busted for his first DWI.

A bad-tempered Bandera Boyo decided to assault someone with bodily injury and spent a night in the quod for his trouble.

Friday, Sept. 16:
A Cowboy Capital Criminal remains in the hoosegow because a court ordered it - X's 2 - and because he must have failed to heed the suggestions of a previous judge.

A Bandito from Bandera is getting closer to being in hot water after being charged with a second DWI.
And, his apparent partner-in-cocktails was pinched for being intoxicated in public.

Another Blockhead from Bandera was nabbed by the Long Arm of the Law for felony burglary of a habitat.

Saturday, Sept. 17:
A guy from Bandera and another from F'burg were accused of misdemeanor driving without a license and public intoxication, respectively. The Fredericksburg Freak remains a guest of the Do Drop Inn for his troubles.

Sunday, Sept. 18:
A Lakehills Laddie celebrated the Sabbath by being charged with his first DWI.

A couple of 17 year olds found themselves afoul of the law for indulging in Demon Rum.

Additionally, a local yokel - old enough to know better - was picked up for being unable to hold his likker in public.

A slug slunk up from San Antonio only to be carted off to the calaboose for two warrants that indicated he might not have listened the suggestions of a previous court.

A gently brought up 32-year-old from the Lake District remains in the quod for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

A total of 80 jailbirds call the Bandera County Bastille "home sweet home" - 25 from Gillespie County - a new record, I assume; eight from Medina County; and four from Real County. The rest of the scofflaws, I assume, were busted flat in Bandera.