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Utopia Lions learn local history

The Utopia Lions Club held its monthly meeting March 10, where guest speaker Sid Chaney entertained the audience with tales of family feuds in the Sabinal Canyon. According to Chaney, there was no shortage on gun-totin’ back in the early years of the Canyon. He also shared some history of Ft. Anglin, which was used by the local families as a retreat when there was an Indian threat.
The Scholarship Committee reported that the application for the Utopia Lions Club Scholarship is now on the school website. All completed applications are due by April 5, and interviews will be conducted by the committee on April 25. The winners will be announced the night of graduation.
The Ice Cream Crank-off was a huge success this year thanks to Sid and Jacque Chaney. Sid presented a check of $361 to Wayne Canion, representing the Food Pantry. The Mop and Broom sale was also a big success, earning $585 for the charitable account.
Utopia Lions Club Officers for 2011 - 2012 will be as follows: President Kelly Longbotham; First Vice President Rod Chalmers; Second Vice President Sid Chaney; Secretary Jean Findling; Treasurer Inez Smith; Lion Tamer Buddy Ezell; Tail Twister David Kjar; two-year directors, Doug King and Haley Tremme; one-year directors, Judy Huebner and Obie Milton; membership, Carla Hamed, and Immediate Past President, Susan Merrifield.
The Texas Trash Out will be held on Saturday, April 2. Members and volunteers will meet at the Square at 8 am for a taco breakfast.