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Kerrville man arrested for terroristic threats against prez

Special to the Courier

Kerrville police have arrested resident Jeremiah Krakowski for his statements on Facebook threatening to kill the President Barack Obama, as well as any “cop” who came to his residence, according to Police Chief John M. Young Jr.
Cortez Wednesday, March 2, law enforcement officers with the Kerrville Police Department’s Special Crimes Unit and the US Secret Service were notified by the San Antonio Police Department Intelligence Unit about the threats Krakowski had posted on Facebook.
The next day, after coordinating with the Secret Service, officers with the Special Crimes Unit located Krakowski at a local bar and detained him for the posted his terroristic threats. Two Secret Service special agents arrived in Kerrville to interview Krakowski.
During the interview, Krakowski admitted to the special agents that he had made the threats on Facebook against former President George W. Bush, Obama, and any “cop” that came to his resident in Kerrville. In his posting, Krakowski refers to himself as a “terrorist.”
Additionally, he admitted to making threats on Jan. 26 against the Kerrville Police Department and other city officials in another email forum, Info-Wars.
Krakowski gave the Secret Service consent to search his vehicle, residence and place of employment. A laptop computer was seized from his vehicle and a desktop computer from Krakowski’s workplace.
From his residence, agents removed an AR-15 .223 caliber rifle with two loaded magazines and a Glock 9mm handgun with two loaded magazines.
Ultimately, Krakowski was released from custody pending further investigation. The Secret Service is performing a forensic examination of the computers. They are expected to present their evidence to the United States Attorney in San Antonio to determine if federal charges will be filed against the Kerrville resident.
KPD Special Crimes Unit investigators turned over information to the Kerr County Attorney, who will determine whether to file a complaint against Krakowski for terrorist threats in violation of Texas Criminal Penal Code 22.07.
In addition, an affidavit has been filed against Krakowski with Municipal Court Judge Mark Prislovski and an arrest warrant was issued. Krakowski is being charged with making terroristic threats. The court set a $50,000 bond.
Chief Young thanked SAPD Intelligence for providing the initial information and the US Secret Service for the investigative support. during the investigation.
“On several occasions we’ve conducted joint investigations with the SAPD and the Secret Service, all with successful outcomes. Since its inception in 2006, the Special Crimes Unit has done an excellent job of investigating and arresting numerous drug users and traffickers effecting Kerrville,” he said. “This instance is a prime example of SCU’s flexibility and timeliness in investigating allegations in a different area of concern.”