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Half-a-century of experience lost to restructuring at sheriff’s dept.

BCC Staff

Sheriff Weldon Tucker had already left for the Thanksgiving holiday on Monday, Nov. 20 when the Bandera County Courier called to ask about the firing of three longtime employees, but Chief Deputy Don Berger said the sheriff’s department was “restructuring and moving people and offices around.”

Gone is Shelia Pumphrey who was within days of her Nov. 25 anniversary date, having worked for the sheriff’s department for nearly 21 years. She was hired in 1985 and had worked in every capacity at the department including dispatch.

Gone also is Doris Tschirhart who had been with the department for 23 years. Like Pumphrey, Tschirhart had experience at all levels of the department.

The dispatcher with the longest employment record was also terminated, Darlene Boisvert, who had been working as a dispatcher since 2002. Two dispatchers remain who were employed in 2003 and four dispatchers were hired in 2004. The other two dispatchers were hired this year.

The restructuring eliminated a total of 48 years of experience, nearly half-a-century, from the sheriff’s department.

With Pumphrey and Tschirhart gone, employees with the longest record of service in the sheriff’s department are Della Baker, 1994, 12 years and David McGilvray, 1997, nine years.

Out of the remaining 35 employees (outside of dispatch), 10 were hired in 2006. The average tenure is two years, four months.