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Harris seeks reelection Precinct 2


Incumbent Precinct 2 Commissioner Bobby Harris is seeking re-election:

Fellow taxpayers, it has been an honor and privilege to serve as your Precinct 2 Commissioner for the last three years. It has been my pleasure to serve as your voice in county government business and to fight for your taxpayer rights.

I fully understand that I work for the taxpayers of Bandera County - remember it is your taxpayer dollars and it is your government.

When I was first elected, other county officials accused me of not being a team player. However, they could not have been more wrong, I am very much a team player, but I play for the “Taxpayers’ Team.”

The taxpayers own every county building and every piece of county equipment and it is the sworn duty of every elected official to take great care of the taxpayers’ property and equipment. In issues involving spending taxpayer dollars, I go to great lengths to study the true hard facts and then apply commonsense to come up with the most economical solution on every issue.

I vote my conscience and moral values to save the taxpayers’ money.

Since taking office in 2007, I have completed 128.25 hours of continued education for county judges and commissioners. The minimum required for this time frame is 48 hours - 16 hours a year. I would be more than happy to discuss with anyone the classes I have completed, which ranged from open meetings to the duties of all other elected officials.

In 2008 and 2009, I participated in 14 Hill Country County-to-County meetings to get more authority from the Texas State Legislative to put the brakes on uncontrolled growth.

After spending more than 80 hours in committee meetings, I testified twice before the Texas House and Senate to secure more protection for the taxpayers. Additionally, I was appointed head of the committee to write a synopsis of these “special needs” counties. Judges and commissioners from the 15 participating counties gave me special recognition for my hard work on this yearlong project.

Since taking office in 2007 the recycling program in Precinct 2 has increased 1,000 percent. I have voted three times against raising the fees for the taxpayers’ trash disposal. At the Medina Lake County Park, I have put in over 400 hours of my own time to rebuild roads and jetties, preventing further erosion that endangered at least 20 oak trees. It will take me at least another 200 hours to complete these ongoing projects. In 2009, my wife, Patty, and I donated a $500 gate for the entrance to the county park. I am also 50 percent complete with a program to remove ball moss and continue tree pruning at the county park. This year, county park employees and I will construct a new boat loading dock to replace the existing 15-year-old docks. The new dock will be built at no cost to the taxpayers because it will be paid for with park fees.

I currently have a program underway to repaint the interior of the Lakehills Annex building, which should be completed this spring. Regarding my community leader qualifications, I am:

• Newly elected president of the Medina River Protection Fund (MRPF)

• President of the Lake Medina Conservation Society (LAMCOS), past four years

• Vice President of the Medina Betterment Association (MLBA), past five years

In addition, I have sponsored and participated in fundraisers that raised thousands of dollars for these nonprofit organizations.

I am asking you for your vote in the Tuesday, March 2 Primary Election so that I can continue to be your voice in your county government and to fight for your taxpayer rights.