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Basinger running for commissioner spot

I am running for Precinct 2 County Commissioner - a position I was honored to have held for eight years in the past.

I have retired from a successful career as a self-employed real estate broker in Bandera County and have lived in Precinct 2 since 1979. I raised my family here and will always be grateful for the good fortune of living in such a beautiful part of the Hill Country. I have always been involved in this community and an active civic leader for Precinct 2 and the county.

I was a county commissioner for eight years, served three terms on the Bandera County Appraisal Board, was a founding director of the Lakehills EMS support team, a founding officer of LAMCOS and spent three terms as a director for the Springhills Underground Water District, now known as the Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District.

My vast experience in these positions has enabled me to gain knowledge and experience in working with all entities and other people to accomplish goals, competent civic leadership and understanding of county government.

I am healthy and retired so all of my time and energy can be devoted to the needs and goals of citizens of Bandera County.
I have demonstrated my ability to work with all Bandera County officials, which is a necessity to accomplish an effective court.
I am passionate about Bandera County’s future and am able to listen, learn and make legal, confident decisions to benefit all of my constituents, not a select few.