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County to receive Medina Co. reimbursement for EMS service

By Stephanie Day

Bandera County Commissioners Court dealt with a six-item Dec. 28 agenda in a record breaking 33 minutes to close out 2006.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Director Cindy Martin presented commissioners court with good news: Bandera County made 151 ambulance runs in November with a 1.55-minute response time to tones and a 9.88-minute response time to the scene.

The EMS-sponsored blood drive was a success with 23 donors donating 23 units of blood.

Perhaps the best news for commissioners-after 20 years of providing free emergency medical services in adjoining Medina County in the Lakehills area, Bandera County EMS finally wrangled a signed contract and a $5,400 check from Medina County.

County Judge Richard Evans, who was instrumental in getting the contract signed, said the $5,400 check is for 2006. Commissioners expect a check for approximately $6,000 for this year from the newly formed Medina taxpayer-funded Medina County Emergency Services District.

Evans told the court that the contract is self-renewing and that Bandera County’s share of tax revenue for providing EMS in the district will go up as the tax base expands.

Evans also commended Bandera County’s first auditor, Tommy Tomlinson, for his 15 years of service to the county. Evans said that when he first took office 10 years ago, he did not know how to read a budget until he met Tomlinson. “A county auditor is not always the most popular,” Evans said, explaining that Tomlinson often told him, “you can’t do that,” then showed him why from the local government code. “He’s appointed by the district judge. I thought he answered to me until he told me, ‘I answer to a real judge.’”