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Rep. Lamar Smith statement on Senate introduction of SECURE Act


Washington, DC – Congressman Lamar Smith gave the following statement commenting on the SECURE Act, which was introduced Dec. 5, in the Senate.
Rep. Smith: “I appreciate the efforts by my colleagues in the Senate to strengthen our immigration laws.
“The SECURE Act helps reduce illegal immigration by boosting border security and interior enforcement and ensures that the biometric entry-exit program is finally implemented to track visa overstayers. It also reduces chain migration by prioritizing immediate family members of U.S. residents.
“Despite these reforms, the bill falls short in significant areas. The DACA provisions are broader than necessary and require additional measures to prevent massive fraud. Universal E-Verify for all new hires is omitted from the package, missing an important opportunity to save jobs for American workers.
“I cannot support the legislation in its current form and hope it will be improved. I want to help my colleagues in the Senate and the House enact immigration policies that reduce illegal immigration and put the interests of American workers and taxpayers first.”