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Questions about guns & security in churches?


Lt. Governor asks attorney general to clarify law allowing Texans to carry handguns and provide security in Texas churches

AUSTIN — Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asked Attorney General Ken Paxton to clarify Texas law regarding regulations for handgun licensees and security teams in Texas churches:
"The recent church shooting in Sutherland Springs was an immense tragedy, the likes of which I pray to never see again. I know many are thankful for the Texan who stopped this attack through the exercise of his Second Amendment rights, but I believe our state laws provide more protection than many Texans realize. That's why I asked the attorney general to clarify those laws for all Texans."
The lieutenant governor's letter to the attorney general specifically asked:
1) May handgun license holders carry their handguns on the premises of a church that does not post signs excluding handguns?
2) By passing Senate Bill 2065 in the last regular legislative session, did the legislature waive the private security fee for churches that Texas charges to private institutions?

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