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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

The American Christmas is a pageant of something old, something new, a great deal borrowed and all of it blended into the happiest holiday of the year.
No other day combines such a harmonious pattern of religious, pagan, seasonal and national traditions from so many corners of civilizations.
Three favorite symbols of Christmas are fairly new; the glittering, gift laden Christmas tree, the greeting card, and Santa Claus as he is known today.
However, let us not forget the Christ child, born in a lowly manger, God's gift to man. It must not be forgotten that the first Christmas song was sung in the night. When the world is dark, the light shines, not from among men but from heaven what a comforting fact.
As the strains of the old familiar, well-loved Christmas hymns and carols usher in another holiday season, may we at Grimes Funeral Chapels extend to each one of you our sincerest wishes for a blessed Merry Christmas.