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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

We all have things to be grateful for at Thanksgiving time. Especially in this time of world turmoil and unrest. Freedom, our most precious gift, we take for granted most of the time. We can say what we want, go where we please, and worship as we please. More than half the world can not exercise these privileges.
We have much to be thankful for in that we have this bountiful land, rich in everything that matters. No man must be a lord and no man need remain a serf. And if there are inequities and there are the promise and the dreams we have remain unsullied.
Today we should be thankful that, although patriotism might seem at low ebb at certain times, each generation has tried to raise sons worthy of their fathers, men who knew where their duty lay and made the hard choice, some at a heavy price. The future is theirs and they have earned it.
At this time, before we sit down with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving, it might be well for us to say: "Yes, life in America provides much to be thankful for."