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Stats reflect a modicum of interest

By Bev Barr BCC Editor

Out of a total of 15,326 registered voters in Bandera County, only 6.72 percent (1,030 people) turned out to vote in the Constitutional Amendment election last Tuesday, Nov. 7. The participation rate stands in sharp contrast to the 72.31 percent of registered voters who cast their votes in the November election last year, which of course included presidential candidates.
“We had a better turn out than I expected, though,” said Stan Killian, the recently retired elections administrator for Bandera County. (Killian had predicted there would be about 900 voters this year.) “But ya know people aren’t just itching to get in there and vote to change the Constitution.” (Editor’s note: And yet they did.)
All of the amendments to the Texas Constitution passed by large margins, as did the bond for Medina Independent School District (with 72 percent of the votes). Rhondo Jauer garnered close to 60 percent of the vote and was elected to the serve as a school board trustee for the Bandera Independent School District.
In the election for Bandera City Council, incumbent Lynn Palmer received the most votes: 79. Christine Morse earned a spot at the boardroom table with 77 votes, and incumbent Councilwoman Rebeca Gibson was reelected to serve another term with a total of 67 votes. Gregory Gibson and Cindy Coffey received a respectable 43 votes each.