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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

Let us on Veteran’s Day take time to pause and reflect
and pray. Pause to thank those millions of men and
women, dead and alive, who performed the highest obligation
of their citizenship . . . active service in the defense
of their country in time of war. Let us pray for those
who have shed so many tears for those who gave so
freely of their lives so that we might be a free nation, a
nation of choices.
Let us on Veteran’s Day, as Americans, stand up and
be counted. Let us stand and honor this nation and what
it stands for. Let us be thankful of all the advantages we
enjoy. Let us count our blessings. Above all, let us on this
day reaffirm our dedication to the cause of peace with
honor throughout the world . . .
On this Veteran’s Day, let us say “Thank you Veterans!”