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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

A day of purpose is to be celebrated on Veteran's Day next week.
History reveals that through the years there was an overwhelming dedication and belief in the United States. Patriotism was not something to be ashamed of or submerged in cynicism . . .nor were liberty, the principles of self-government or the American economic and political system. Strong convictions commanded respect, and no one doubted our destiny as a nation.
As we approach Veteran's Day, it seems that there are some discontented who shun convictions or allegiance to any cause or principle. Pursuit of such a philosophy to its logical conclusion is an abandonment of observation of all the milestones in the history of our nation, there is nothing to observe; and, if there is nothing to observe or believe in, what is left but a vacuum where once there was a great nation and a great people.
And so, on this Veteran's Day, let us turn out in tribute, because we wish to reaffirm those beliefs that make our nation great and which so many of our fellow men gave up their lives.
Veteran's Day, in short, is a DAY of PURPOSE!