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Courier poses questions for City Candidates

BCC Staff

Editor’s note: Last week, I sent the candidates for city council 10 "top of the heap” questions. Some of the candidates took the time to answer the questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, while others did not respond to the questions. If, as readers of the Bandera County Courier, you are interested in reading the responses of city council candidates to the questions listed below, please send an email to me at bcceditor@sbcglobal.net and let us know if you would like to see the answers published. Thank you.

1. What is it about Bandera that you like? What is it you think visitors like about Bandera?
2. Are you concerned about urban sprawl and its effect on Bandera? Share your ideas and thoughts about the small town qualities of Bandera worth protecting, if any, and how to protect those qualities.
3. What small towns in the state or country do you consider to be “good models” for managing a small town like Bandera? There are many examples of small towns that have been swallowed up by metropolitan areas, but what are the examples of towns, if any, you look at and think, “We could do that,” or “We should do that”?
4. Describe the public parking situation in Bandera as you see it. In what ways does the city council need to plan for future parking needs? Consider some realistic scenarios, too — a 3-day chili cook off, for example, or a skateboard competition at the new skate park.
5. What about traffic? Describe how the traffic situation in Bandera has changed, or will change in the future, and what your thoughts are about managing traffic in the future.
6. The city council is considering turning a street into a one-way street to accommodate parking requirements for the proposed hotel. In what way will that change affect traffic flow?
7. The business incentives discussed and being offered for the developer of the proposed Best Western Hotel have generated controversy in town. Have you read the feasibility study? If so, what do you think?
8. The area of the county outside of the City of Bandera has about 20 times the population of Bandera. What are your thoughts about annexation?
9. Describe in your own words the severity of the water and wastewater situation in Bandera and how the handling of it affects the value of property in the city and the attraction of potential investors and residents.
10. What do you think Bandera should look like in 10 years?