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Medina ISD proposes bond projects


Medina ISD proposed bond projects
The specific projects proposed in the $5.95 million Medina ISD bond will address the age and condition of current buildings. The projects will also improve campus security and student learning spaces.
Several structural and operations projects have been identified and proposed which will increase campus efficiency and extend the life of existing buildings. Among these, stabilizing the foundation at the Gallant Building, improving drainage around the campuses, installing a new sewer plant and HVAC systems, and repairing a damaged beam above the cafeteria/kitchen are all priority projects.
In addition to replacing aging HVAC units, a new HVAC system and updated electrical box are proposed for the existing gym.
Improvements to the track and repairs to damaged roofs are not part of the bond, but are being paid for by District’s insurance company.
Over the past year, the District has used grant money to upgrade technology campus-wide. Part of the proposed bond would be used for installing new fire alarm systems and new phone/public address systems. These systems would utilize recent technology upgrades and be fully integrated into the campuses.
New secure door access systems are also proposed for all buildings, allowing the District to monitor more closely who gains access during the school day.
As Superintendent Kevin Newsom explained, “Through grant funding, the District has updated technology and added security cameras; however, this proposed bond will provide an extra layer of security to our campuses for our students and staff.”
The bond includes improvements to student academic spaces. A new Ag Barn with attached classroom is proposed for the growing program. The Ag Barn would be built on the existing campus and would meet Texas Education Agency size requirements.
The Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Home Economics classroom is also slated for improvement. The FCCLA classroom and kitchen would be expanded and would include updated equipment and more storage space.
The Junior High Science Lab would be renovated, giving students the opportunity for more hands-on learning with updated lab equipment.
A new multi-grade building with gym and restrooms is also included and would be located on the existing site along with a new parking lot.
The final group of projects would impact District athletic facilities. New lights are proposed for the baseball and softball fields as well as a new irrigation system to serve the football, baseball and softball fields.
If approved, this bond will cost the owner of a $100,000 homestead about $13.09 a month. There will be no tax increase for senior citizens with an Age 65 or Older homestead exemption unless significant improvements or addition projects are made to the home.
Early voting begins Monday, Oct. 23. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7.
School administrators and Board members will visit with community and parent groups to explain the bond package in detail. Please call the Superintendent Newsom’s office at 830-589-2855 to schedule a presentation.