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Arrest Report


The arrest report for September will be reported next week.
The Bandera County Sheriff Department responded to 129 dispatch calls from Aug. 28, 2017 to Aug. 31, 2017 (the arrest report for September will be reported next week) included calls for 1 major accidents; 1 minor accident; 1 hit and run; 5 reckless driving; 3 disturbances; 3 burglaries; 1 criminal mischief; and 2 criminal trespass. There were 6 calls about loose livestock; 1 animal bite, and 6 calls about dogs and cats. There was 1 call about a missing person; 1 hospice death report, and 5 calls for child protective services. There were 3 calls regarding suspicious persons, 4 suspicious vehicles and 6 suspicious circumstances. There were 22 misdialed calls to 911, among other things.
Bandera County Jail Report
Monday, Aug. 28-31
Jail population included 11 females and 57 males for a total of 68 inmates; 17 of total were contract inmates from neighboring counties: 5 from Real County, 8 from Kendall County, and 4 from Medina County.
The Bandera County Sheriff Department, the Bandera Police Department, Texas Highway Patrol and the Department of Public Safety made arrests for the following crimes and warrants:
• Forgery financial institution, on Aug. 28
• Two warrant arrests for child protective services, on Aug. 29
• Public intoxication, on Aug. 29
• Three warrant arrests for outside agencies, on Aug. 29
• Assault with bodily injury, on Aug. 30
• Warrant arrest for child protective services, on Aug. 30
• Driving without a license and insurance, on Aug. 31