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Arrest Report


The Bandera County Sheriff Department responded to 194 dispatch calls from Aug. 21, 2017 to Aug. 28, 2017, which included 1 call for mail tampering; 3 major accidents; 2 minor accident; 5 reckless driving; 2 abandoned vehicles, 1 stolen vehicles; 1 terroristic threat, 1 harassment, 1 domestic disturbance, 5 shots fired; 6 thefts, 3 burglaries and 1 burglary in progress; 1 criminal mischief; and 1 criminal trespass. There were 3 calls about loose livestock; 1 animal bite, and 15 calls about dogs and cats. There was 1 hospice death report, and 4 calls for child protective services, and 1 runaway. There were 7 calls regarding suspicious persons, 6 suspicious vehicles and 12 suspicious circumstances. There were 35 misdialed calls to 911, among other things.

Bandera County Jail Report
Monday, Aug. 21-28
Jail population included 12 females and 62 males for a total of 74 inmates; 22 of total were contract inmates from neighboring counties: 4 from Real County, 9 from Kendall County, 8 from Medina County and 1 from Frio County.

The Bandera County Sheriff Department, the Bandera Police Department, Texas Highway Patrol and the Department of Public Safety made arrests for the following crimes and warrants:
• Traffic warrant, on Aug. 21
• Injury to a child, on Aug. 21
• Assault with bodily injury, on Aug. 21
• By court order, on Aug. 21
• Burglary of a habitation, a game law violation, and 2 traffic offenses, on Aug. 21
• Criminal mischief and failure to identify, on Aug. 21
• Failure to appear warrant, on Aug. 22
• Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, retaliation, possession of greater than or equal to 1 gm and less than 4 gm of controlled substance, driving without a license, theft of an amount greater than $1,500 and less than $20,000, tampering with vehicle or gun identification and traffic offense, on Aug. 22
• Failure to appear warrant, on Aug. 22
Theft of an amount greater than $1,500 and less than $20,000, on Aug. 23
• Manufacture and delivery of greater than or equal to 4 gm. and less than 200 gm. of controlled substance, penalty group 1, on Aug. 23
• Two counts of continuous indecency with a child, on Aug. 25
• Issue of two bad checks, on Aug. 25
• Warrant arrest for an outside agency, on Aug. 25
• Public intoxication, on Aug. 26
• Public intoxication, on Aug. 26
• Three traffic warrants and an expired license plate, on Aug. 26
• Driving while intoxicated, a 2nd offense, on Aug. 26