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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

Neighbors are a great institution, and few people would care to get along
without them.
Nobody wants neighbors who are too familiar, but everyone wants them
friendly enough so an egg or a cup of sugar can be borrowed when the occasion demands. I'm not sure do we still borrow a cup of sugar? However, if you are in want, or in trouble, you will usually find your neighbors right at your door and ready to lend a helping hand. How they find out just what you need is often a
mystery. But what neighbors know about neighbors would fill a book!
You may live beside them for years and view them as nothing more than residents of your town. But let trouble come into your home then you will see what kind neighbors they are.
You will also find out, if you haven't before this, that there is nothing in the world more valuable than good neighbors.
We at Grimes Funeral Chapels consider the people in our community to be
our friends as well as our neighbors . . . If you wish to discuss preplanning or prefinancing,
we are available at any time to help you. This, of course, without cost or
obligation. As your friend and your neighbor, we consider this a privilege.