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Finances and horses dominate Council meeting

By Bev Barr BCC Editor

The city council heard from the Bandera Business Association Monday, Aug. 21, and discussed numerous details regarding Bandera Riverfest, including an incomplete financial report. The income this year was lower than last year and the BBA incurred expenses that they haven’t had previously. Several items were not included in the report, however, such as security fees with city employees and vendor permit fees. A revised report will be submitted at a special meeting Monday, Aug. 28 — although that meeting hasn’t been posted to the website yet. Council shared observations and asked questions about Riverfest details (why attendance was down, was weather a factor, and how to make it even more successful next year).
The council tabled several agenda items until the next meeting. The council is considering making changes to the contract with Bandera Business Association but agreed that they want to work with “firmer budget numbers” than they had at this week’s meeting, and before further discussion. The contract with BBA requires a 30-day notice of change, otherwise the contract will renew automatically. Decisions about the contract will need to be made within approximately a month or so.
Council passed a motion and unanimously agreed to allow horse trailers in the City Park during permitted parade days and agreed that horse owners will not be required to request special permission from the council to do so.
The city council also tabled a discussion regarding the agreement with US Captial Advisors for assistance with financial evaluation of the Best Western Hotel and 380 Agreement. And they table a discussion about signs.