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EDC invests in business improvements

By Bev Barr BCC Editor

At the Aug. 9 regular meeting, The Economic Development Corporation approved expenditures for 10 recipients to make improvements of various kinds to their businesses, for the purpose of stimulating the local business economy.
“They’re hurting and we’re here to help,” said Art Crawford, president of the corporation.
The corporation approved expenditures that ranged in value from $351.81 to $10,000.
Three of the approved expenditures were sign grants, one was a rent assistance grant, four were building improvement grants of varied amounts, four were façade grants of varied amounts, four were performance grants of varied amounts. Performance grants are awarded for businesses to purchase specific pieces of equipment to help them in their business. The board also approved a single request for a new business sales tax refund.
The EDC is in the process of streamlining efforts of local businesses and entrepreneurs, too. Crawford said that — within two weeks — the EDC intends to have every commercial business in Bandera for sale or rent posted at the EDC website. This will save time and be more efficient for potential businesses and entrepreneurs that need to know what kind of commercial property is available.