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City Council spends hours in closed session

By Bev Barr

The City Council met Thursday, Aug. 3, for a special meeting to briefly reinitiate a discussion about a cultural overlay district for Bandera and to discuss a complaint against city administrator, Linda Coones.
The idea of a cultural overlay district is to build back charm and cohesiveness to Main Street and to the business district.
Council members recognize that it will be a long process, but that they need to get going on it. Councilwoman Toni Kunz said that the council had asked the P&Z in January to develop a plan, but so far the committee has delivered no product. So by placing this on the agenda, it’s a way to initiate a conversation and create an environment for purposeful and effective communication, which will yield a better result. Mayor Schaumann suggested that it was time for another joint workshop with Planning and Zoning committee and for the group to begin to narrow its focus. She said that all workshops are open to the public.
After approximately 15 minutes of discussion, the council spent a little more than 2 hours in closed, executive session with the city attorney and the city administrator. When they reconvened in open session the mayor stated that Coones’ evaluation was postponed until October; personnel policy will be reviewed; and city staff will undergo personnel training. The meeting was adjourned.
Afterwards, when pressed for a comment, the city administrator said simply, “I am very happy, and I have a wonderful council.”
When asked who would attend personnel training, Councilwoman Toni Kunz replied, “Everybody.” Kunz said. “We are we the people.”