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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

Are you a friend? It does not take a special gift. It takes a special grace the grace of kindness!
A good talk with a close friend can solve problems, or at least put them in perspective before they become overpowering. One of the problems we face in our hectic, moving society is a scarcity of true friends . . .
You know August 6, 2017 is National Friendship Day so let's think about friendship . . . A friend is one who is kind, patient, and loving enough to listen to what bothers us. A friend is one who does not look down upon us because we feel broken, discouraged, or mixed up. A friend listens and hears the need we ourselves have difficulty understanding. A friend is one who, simply by letting us share helps us hear our own words so that we gain a better perspective.
How often have we said to a friend who listened, "You have been such a real help. Thanks a lot." After reflecting, we remind ourselves that our friend has just listened, not only with the ears, but with the heart, and hardly said a word. Yet we were refreshed and encouraged . . .
Yes, friendships need not be a scarcity to those who truly want to be friendly.